Wyevale at Stratford-upon-Avon

Wyevale at Stratford-upon-Avon

In the Where Mama Went household, we are fans of a garden centre. By the in-laws, they have a Dobbies and it’s a compulsory visit every time we go – and we go regularly! Dobbies is a tough act to follow with their fabulous food and all the fancy products on the shelves (think Yankee Candles and Radley bags). But the closest one to Leamington Spa is in Atherstone which is just too far to “pop” to. So recently we went to the Wyevale at Stratford-upon-Avon to see what they had to offer and we were so impressed!

The garden centre boasts a lovely restaurant which serves breakfast and hot and cold lunches along with a selection of cakes and drinks. There is also a soft play which goes down as a winner with us. It is small (so let’s not imagine a full-on dedicated soft play centre) but a perfectly proportioned area that you can let your toddler roam safely whilst you sit at one of the tables drinking a coffee. It costs £2 for non-members and £1.50 for members, which is free to sign up to if you think you’ll be going regularly. The age range is around 2-4 years old (I would say) as the activities are quite small and probably wouldn’t suit an older child.

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The food is delightful, the breakfasts and meals are made to order with plenty of choices, from Welsh Rarebit to a Full-English breakfast; and the cakes are fresh and look homemade. The prices are modest and it is a large restaurant so you won’t struggle for a table.

The garden centre itself is compact, with the usual gifts and novelty stationery available. There is a “The Works” and Edinburgh Wollen Mill concession which offer fashion along with the cheap arts, crafts and books and a butchers for you to purchase fresh local meat. The range of garden centre products is as you would expect with outside space for the bulkier products and plants, and inside space for the smaller items.

When it comes to prices within the garden centre, they are sometimes higher than the bigger brands like Homebase etc. But nothing you wouldn’t expect from an independent outdoors store.

Overall the store is a lovely place to visit and has become somewhat of a staple Sunday tradition for us. We love just going to have a drink whilst the little one plays; it’s the first soft-play that she’s had the confidence to play on her own in. If you want a cheap trip out with some nice nosh, I’d definitely add this to your list.

If you have any ideas of places to visit in Coventry and Warwickshire, please let me know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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