The Garrick Stratford-upon-Avon,

The Garrick Stratford-upon-Avon

If you’re heading to Stratford-upon-Avon for a day out and are looking for a bite to eat then I can thoroughly recommend The Garrick on High St. The first time we set eyes on this pub was about 6 years ago and we always promised that one day we’d go for a meal there. Fast forward to this week and we decided to finally make the trip and fulfil the promise we made. We were not disappointed.

The Garrick is one of the UK’s oldest pubs and the building dates back to the 1400s. From the outside, it looks just like every Tudor building you ever imagined; the original black beams and white exterior which feature in every Shakespearean take on England in the 1500s. Inside the features are all accurately maintained with a modern edge with a small bar area and large restaurant. The restaurant is small and intimate without feeling cramped and the decorations match the era with busts of Shakespeare and period design on the walls.

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The menu is very much like the normal pub grub. The Greene King brewery owns the establishment meaning it has the usual haunts on the menu and drinks behind the bar. We only had one course whilst we were visiting, however, the menu has a large selection of starters and desserts to suit every palate. I chose the fish and chips which was a skinless fillet of haddock freshly battered with chips and tartare sauce. They had run out of mushy peas that day so I didn’t have them to try, although you can pick garden peas if you like. The fish was well cooked, very tender and the batter was light and airy. The chips were normal pub chips and were crispy. It was very tasty and didn’t sit too heavily on my stomach like battered fish sometimes does.

The Garrick Stratford-upon-Avon,

My husband picked their Wagyu beef burger which came with cheese and salad garnish, tomato salsa and rosemary salted fries. He commented that the burger was delicious and very juicy. The fries were the winner for both of us though. They were quite salty but the rosemary was absolutely divine. They made the fries seem a cut above the usual bar fries and I could’ve happily eaten a bowl for myself.

The Garrick Stratford-upon-Avon,

The prices were modest. The fish and chips came to £9.99 and the Wagyu burger £12.99. We had a coke/diet coke each which came to £2.30 each and meant that we didn’t have an overly expensive meal overall. The atmosphere was lovely and made the whole experience very enjoyable.

Next time you go for a trip to Stratford, definitely check this place out. We will definitely be going back in the future.

*This meal was paid for by me, it is not a paid review. The thoughts are my own. 

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