Côte Brasserie Leamington Spa review

Last weekend we got to have the first proper date night we’ve had in ages, my mum kindly came over to babysit and we went for dinner and to the Spa Centre theatre to see our favourite comedian Joe Lycett (who was amazing by the way, I’d definitely recommend him). Normally when we go out we just go to where ever we have a voucher code, that’s usually Pizza Express! This time we pushed the boat out and went to Côte Brasserie in Leamington Spa and, honestly, it was the best meal we’ve had in a long time! 

For the purposes of being transparent, we paid for this meal and didn’t attend due to my blog at all, however, I enjoyed the meal so much I wanted to recommend it to anyone thinking of going along.

Where do you find it?

You can find Côte in the Regent Court next to Gusto and opposite Yo! Sushi. The restaurant is a French Brasserie and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve sampled their breakfast and dinner at their Richmond restaurant and they were just as delicious as the dinner we had this last weekend. We decided to go for the “Prestige Set Menu” which is served daily from 12 pm. There are two courses for £15.95 or three for £18.95 – which I think is brilliant value considering the quality. They also do a “Lunch and Early Evening” set menu Monday to Friday 12 until 7 pm and have Weekend specials with one course for £11.50.

What we ordered.

I ordered the Mousse de Canard which was duck paté with brioche and the Roasted Pork Belly, which consisted of pan-roasted pork belly with gratin potato, braised Savoy cabbage, apples, thyme and a calvados jus. My husband ordered the French Onion soup which came with sourdough croûte and melted Comté cheese and the Steak Frites (which had a £2.50 supplement).

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The food arrived quickly and was hot and fantastically presented. The duck paté was delicious with two humongous slices of brioche. This impressed me as so often you will order paté and the bread that comes with it is never enough. The soup was in a lovely bowl and was rich and tasty, however, my husband did need some additional bread to supplement the starter.

The mains were fantastically presented, I ordered frites rather than the gratin potato as I’m not a cheesy person. The pork melted in your mouth and had just the right amount of fat to make the cut flavoursome with a bit of naughty crackling on top. The braised cabbage was nice, with currents included in the mix, and the calvados jus was to die for! I would definitely pick it again. My husband’s steak was also fabulous, it melted in the mouth with the garlic butter adding an extra zing to the beautiful ribeye cut.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to sample the desserts, we had to head off to get to the theatre in time. However, we were absolutely full to the top and couldn’t have fitted on in anyway. The offerings in the set menu looked divine, with Peach Crumble and Créme Caramel being our choices, should we have ordered.

What’s the verdict?

In all, I would most definitely recommend going to Côte if you want a fancy meal without the fancy price. The food is excellent and presents itself as much more high class than the bill allowed. One of the only things I would mention is the fact that the bill includes a “discretional 12.5% gratuity” already on it. So if you DIDN’T want to offer that much as a tip, you would have to ask the server to take it off. Personally, I can’t imagine many people saying to their waiter that they wanted it to be removed, so the business is onto a winner. I do think it is cheeky to add it on as a standard, though, as I would feel awkward asking for them to take it off. However, as a rule, I usually tip anyway and the service and quality were excellent so I let it slip and paid the extra.

Gahh, after writing this I’m now hungry and want to go back for the Pork Belly again!

If you have any ideas of places to visit in Coventry and Warwickshire, please let me know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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